Thursday, September 29, 2005


Using the same standard to judge the First Light edition of Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer) and ELO II, look at the new remaster of Message From The Country as probably the most definitive we'll ever get.  That said, I don't think they'll be much disappointment to go around.

The best we've had of these tracks before this remaster was the similar Great Move collection from 1995.  You'll hear the sound improvement on the new remaster right from the opening notes of the disc.  That will be this set's biggest attribute, the clarity of the sound.  If you load it into an iPod (with better headphones than they give you) you'll hear what I mean.

After adding the Move's A & B sides from around this time, there wasn't a huge amount of room for bonus material, but the selections are pretty cool.  Don't Mess Me Up is a nice variation.  Of course, I always thought putting the Move's take 1 version of 10538 Overture (no vocals or cello) would make a nice final track for this remaster as a proper segue to Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer), but that's a wish more than it is a complaint.

Somehow, someway, I had the impression the FTM 20 page booklet was suppsoed to be full color, but besides the front cover and centerfold, it is not.  I don't know about you, but what's strange about my pressing is that all of the songs start two seconds in.  In other words, there's 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of each track.

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