Thursday, September 22, 2005


To nobody's surprise probably, ELO isn't on the list of Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame inductees this year.  And while I don't put a great deal of stock into this, I have to wonder about the mentality when it comes to making up the list.  ELO put 19 songs into the American Top 40, several of them in the Top 10.  This feat is not nearly achieved by several of the artists in the Hall... much less on this year's short list.  Unless the music is about sex or making a political statement, they may never get the recognition they deserve as musicians.


branwenfan said...

Your right, I dont think it makes any difference at all to be in the hall of fame. Maybe its because ELO were not the sort of group that fitted the image of the "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll scene" thats the only reason I can think of. It still seems astonishing that lots of other bands far far inferior have been 'honoured' in this way yet ELO have been overlooked. Its as if the people who choose, whoever they are, dont see ELO as a proper rock band! Looking at their history of sell out world tours and successful albums and singles, they most evidently are!

swarlock said...

I really don't expect ELO to get into it anytime soon. The RRHOF is nothing but a lot of politics and ego strucking anyway.