Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I swear I usually know what I'm talking about, but when I heard the short clip of Tom Petty's Square One on the Elizabethtown website, I swore it sounded more like something that would have fit on Petty's Wildflowers album.  But indeed, Square One was recorded in Petty's new sessions with Jeff Lynne and it's now released on the new Elizabethtown soundtrack.

Square One: written by Tom Petty. Produced by Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Michael Campbell.

Hearing the entire song now, the only hallmark of a Jeff Lynne production is maybe the upfront slide guitar solo and the subtle string or keyboard part.  But it's a nice little tune by Tom.  It's one of those songs that grows on you quickly, having all the sensibility you'd expect from these guys.

Is this a preview of Highway Companion?  Sure, Square One will be one less song to enjoy when the CD comes out, but it's too good to leave off.

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