Wednesday, September 7, 2005


When you stand back and see this Harvest compilation is geared towards a larger audience, you'll appreciate it a little more.  While I long for releases that cater to us fans, Harvest Showdown is the next best thing.  It's a rather nice cross-section of tracks from the late-Move, Early-ELO era.

While I don't particularly do back-flips over edited versions, I can appreciate Do Ya and Tonight especially for the sound it's delivering on this set.  But, my intital impression of the USA radio mono mix of 10538 Overture was different.  In reality, it's the LP version in mono and after hearing it, I fail to see why this was fit for inclusion.

Showdown, just like the Early Years CD from ELO, is hard to listen to.  Much more so here just because it is so overwrought with the ADT effect.

"King Henry VIII's Bollocks" was fine, and again like the Early Years CD from ELO, the hidden track is by far the winner as far as fan content is concerned.

It's nice to hear all these tracks in such grand sound quality sans Showdown, although I think the previously unreleased tag is used way too freely.

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