Friday, March 25, 2016


There's apparently more to sort through in terms of current and upcoming ELO vinyl.

ELO 2 was out last week -- and it's standard fare but on nice 180g heavyweight vinyl.

There was some quiet but substantial switching around with ELO titles at Let Them Eat Vinyl.

Originally they offered:
Long Wave - white vinyl
Mr. Blue Sky - blue vinyl
ELO Live - red vinyl
Armchair Theatre - blue vinyl
Zoom - white vinyl

Now, it's
Long Wave - clear
Mr. Blue Sky - black
ELO Live - black
Armchair Theatre - blue
Zoom - black

But sometime between the original release and now, there's also

Armchair Theatre - white vinyl
Zoom - clear vinyl

Then we have:

16 April 2016 - Idle Race on color-splattered vinyl, Something Else From The Move 7" EP for Record Store Day

29 April 2016 - The next batch of EldoradoA New World Record and Out of the Blue will be back on black vinyl

10 June 2016 -  The All Over The World compilation will get its first pressing on vinyl on 10 June 2016.

And that's just the vinyl coming up...

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