Friday, August 27, 2010


Here's a head scratcher for you.  Well, a head scratcher or a really good sign...

BBC Four has just put out a press release regarding the upcoming shows for their Fall and Winter 2010/2011 season.  Here's the blurb:

ELO - 40 Light Years
Charting the fascinating story of musical genius, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne, this film celebrates 40 years since ELO's first groundbreaking hit recording. The programme follows the band through their successes, up to their brand new ELO album – their first for almost 10 years.
With exclusive access to Jeff Lynne, this documentary charts his story from his early years in Birmingham with cult legends the Idle Race, through to his first UK chart success with the Move. It also investigates his international mega-stardom with ELO and beyond, with The Travelling Wilburys – Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Bob Dylan – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the Beatles, Del Shannon, Regina Spektor and many more.
... this film celebrates 40 years??

...up to their brand new ELO album - their first in almost 10 years????

Stay tuned.


TrekkiELO said...

This story continues to gain traction!



Ben said...

A new documentary?? New album?! Hot DAMN this is exciting!

Anonymous said...

What do I do ??
Pacing up and down now !
A new ELO album !
I hope it is in the "classic" vein !
I have never been so excited in years.......
Where's my sedatives ?
Could the new album be "new" ?
I need to lie down......
Can't lie down....
Oh my god !
Can't wait !!!
This news is 'electric' !
Me head feels 'light'
I've come over all 'orchestral'
faaaaaaaaan - tastic.....
Or is this just another false dawn.... ?
I don't think so !
The BBC wouldn't lie !
The programme must be already recorded !!!!1
I'm excited !!!!!!!!!!
Better stop before my head explodes or I have a heart attack !!!!!!!!
(can't wait)
!!!! :-)

Russ said...

The wording "their' brand new ELO album" is strange..surely they mean mainly Jeff?
Maybe it's a new re-recorded album of old ELO tracks plus a new long delayed solo album as well? Don't bring me Down was re-recorded not long ago & used on Tv shows, along with a few others..showdown, Mr Blue Sky etc.
I mean, Jeff's new ELO hasn't really existed since 2001, so it's not exactly been 40 years of ELO in total.

But it's all very exciting stuff & I'm looking forward to see what is released!

swarlock said...

I wish that press release had worded it better. I love the idea of a new ELO album but their time in the light has come and gone.

Time some of us release jeff from that crutch.

Anonymous said...

Swarlock ! - tut ! tut !
ELO's time in the light has come and gone ???
Not while i'm still alive and kicking !
N E V E R ! ! ! !
You may as well curl up in the corner and give up !
You are, of course entitled to your opinion - but I still see ELO as alive and kicking (at least whilst Jeff Lynne is still drawing breath anyway)
I can't wait for the forthcoming Jeff Lynne output, and maybe (just maybe) a couple of shows too.
Even with Kelly gone (but not forgotten) I am hoping that Lou, Bev, Richard, Mik, Hugh, Melvyn and any other "family" members have been approached for a bash at a new "proper" ELO album (I exclude "Zoom" - this was basically a Jeff solo effort).
They are all still breathing last time I checked - and I for one would like a big slice of any new ELO cake out there !!!!!
(with a nice choral topping, a sprinkling of hundreds and thousands of ideas - and a great big over the top, over produced, lovingly nurtured, Birmingham grown cherry on top !)
And a beer or two to wash it down with !!!!!
Ta Ra A Bit !!!