Wednesday, August 11, 2010


More from the BBC coming next week in the form of download-only releases.  This time, it's The Move and seemingly only a UK-release at the moment.

This is the Pete Drummond Session (15 December 1971) with the track list:

  • Ella James
  • Words of Aaron
  • Message From The Country

They're available starting 16 August 2010 from Amazon UK and iTunes in the UK...


betty jordan wester said...

i want this dvd so bad!

Anonymous said...

Me too!

superflash said...

How the heck do I get the Pete Drummond MOVE tracks since I can't download them from Amazon UK if I am in the US? I got the Idle Race ones from Amazon (US) and then in 320 bps from a gift card my son had for another site.