Monday, August 2, 2010


Rossif Sutherland has updated his MySpace page.  The Jeff Lynne-produced Waiting For The Train and In The Clouds are new to the site...

I'm leaning towards In The Clouds.  Excellent track.  Waiting For The Train is pretty straight-forward, would fit snuggly on Highway Companion.  Overall, Rossif's songwriting is pretty good and both tracks are as tight as you'd expect from Jeff Lynne's studio.

So, now my guess is (along with These Words) we have all three of the tracks Jeff Lynne produced for Rossif Sutherland back in 2005.  Sadly, nobody's given the guy a record deal yet.  But I'm glad these songs aren't sitting around unheard.

Not sure which I like more, the surprise of having these made available to hear with no warning, or a press release with a three-month wait.  Either way, the wait for a new disc from the big guy just got a bit more bearable.

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