Thursday, August 26, 2010


I really don't know if this was standard procedure or if it was on purpose that the UK DVD was made Region 0.  Either way, I can't find a single reason to own the USA edition of this DVD, unless you're collecting.  I got mine from Key Mail Order for almost the same price as the USA edition and it shipped to me in a week.  You are welcome to post links where you got yours for fans who were waiting to get theirs. 

As for the DVD itself, it's amazing how much more enjoyable this footage is now that the audio and video is cleaner. I prefer the studio stuff over the live material in general.  But overall, thumbs up on this.


Matt Tauber said...

So when lists it as Region 2, is that a misprint? Or are there multiple versions?

Jerry said...

No, Amazon UK is listing the wrong info. There should be only one version and it's in Region 0.

TrekkiELO said...

Here is my quick review once again:

First off, all of its menus have this very cool on/off electricity effect.

These performances are great, raw, then lively, one awkward moment where Jeff Lynne has a bow wrapped under him which strums his guitar, another take on what Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page did, also nice to see Kelly get some frontman vocal time while Jeff jams around other band members.

Their Bonus Feature Rockpalast Interview has band member introductions, somebody says Mik Kaminski farts, then Jeff Lynne credits himself, Roy Wood, Bev Bevan and Richard Tandy as coming up with the ELO concept.

Awesome insert advertises Wembley/Discovery 1998 & Wembley2006 remaster DVDs as well.

Bottom Line, Buy It Now!
(UK, Region 0, Fully NTSC Compatible Version)