Friday, August 13, 2010


Out this week is a fan tribute to ELO.  The CD is called Scattered Light and contains 12 ELO covers all recorded by fans of the band.  The track list:

Mission (A World Record)- Triangle Paradise
Stranger- Damien Spanjer
Strange Magic- Nun The Wiser
Danger Ahead- Matt Abright & Bill Casper
Can't Get It Out Of My Head- Rubber Universe
Daybreaker- Andy Brown
Oh No Not Susan- The Bagweeds
Showdown- Matthew Gough
Night In The City- Poorboy
From The End Of The World- Jamie Amos ft. Shaz Pratt & Conrad Shields
Whisper In The Night- Casey McCammon
Mr. Blue Sky- Scattered Light Orchestra

CDs are only $10 and proceeds will benefit the Birmingham Children's Hospital and George Harrison's Material World Foundation.  You can order one from the Scattered Light website.


Anonymous said...

Haven't heard any yet, but I hope it's better than Lynne Me Your Ears. I think I liked maybe 2 or 3 tunes on that CD. Hopefully this one's better. I think it's cool that people love ELO and want to do their tunes. I've done some myself. Just hope this one has better artists on it. Anything hear anything yet?

Anonymous said...

I have the Cd and I think it is wonderful that ordinary fans have put this together. There are some interesting versions on the Cd.
I like it

Anonymous said...

My Cd arrived in England 26th Aug, it certainly brightened up a rainy day. The people who contributed sound like they really enjoyed making it. Some songs are more professional than others but according to the bios some arent even musicians.
I give it 3 stars

Anonymous said...

We're so pleased that you liked it!
- Jamie Amos

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind words :)
-Jamie Amos