Thursday, August 26, 2010


There's an update of sorts on the album Joe Walsh recorded with Jeff Lynne.  Mr. Walsh was apparently on I Heart Radio and revealed some details.  According to a reader of L&M's Eagles Fastlane:

I just spoke with Joe Walsh! I asked him about his new solo album coming up, and the specifically about the arrangements...I wanted to hear some songs centered around the acoustic Indian Summer, Collage, etc.
He said the album is done and in the can...and the overall process is 4/5ths done. He isn't sure when it will be out 'cause he's an eagle right now. But my impression is that it's close.
He said working with Jeff Lynne was a total challenge (in a good way). It really forced him to challenge himself....he really likes the results! Said they were two old timers set in their ways, and it took a while to figure out how to work together.
I mentioned that my daughter was mad 'cause I made her go to school today and miss hearing his call. He told her thanks for being a fan and to "grow up good."
Joe was very down to earth, and the whole thing was pretty quick. It was, afterall, a business call recorded for the Eagles radio show. Still, it was pretty cool.
 And for the record, it appears The Eagles will be touring for the rest of this year.


TrekkiELO said...

Yeah, Jeff Lynne works on someone else's album, namely Joe Walsh and Regina Spektor, to make sure they are both released before his own, this shit has been getting old for quite sometime!

Well, at least I have got the awesome Electric Light Orchestra Live - The Early Years DVD, UK, Region 0, NTSC compatible version.


swarlock said...

Happy to hear it's finished at last. Hopefully the release date won't be far off.

Jerry said...

Rick, I know it skeeves you that Joe Walsh and Regina Spektor are part of these threads. But Jeff Lynne is a record maker. He may not always be the guy behind the lead vocals or writing the songs, but his involvement in those songs is full on.

Believe me, the wait for his own material is agonizing and I can't hear it soon enough. But I love hearing other artist's lyrics and voices - all surrounded with Jeff's sounds.

TrekkiELO said...

Only because they keep on delaying his own releases that come just once every 10 years now as Jeff Lynne demands too much perfection from himself, except on other people's albums, thanks to them, so if these side producer projects did not delay something initially announced way back in April of 2009, I would have no problem with them.